Job well-known, amazing and commending performance!

Eric Ortiz is not only extremely knowledgeable on his trade but he also knows so much about loan products. He is well connected to lenders, therefore his advice regarding my home loan was paramount in getting me to the closing table with the best product available. He kept me focus with his remarkable patience and optimism during my all entire dealing with several lenders/builders. ERIC found my beautiful home with sooooo many extras and on top of that he negotiated the price and I got me $5,000.00 in equity from the get go! Oh yes, the appraisal of my brand new home came back $5,000.00 (USD) over the purchase price. Eric is a true professional, extremely reliable, he pays attention to detail to the max and best of all is that Eric always returned my calls and emails promptly! Eric never minded how late or how many times I called him. I am very, very satisfied with Eric’s skills and willingness in finding my dream home, the perfect home for me and my family. Eric became a great friend!!!